ISRA Consultancy Sdn. Bhd. plays important role in the development of professional human capital in Islamic finance globally by providing up-to-date quality Shari`ah training programs that highlight pertinent Shari`ah issues on Islamic financial products and services. These training programs are offered in three main areas: in-house training programs, specific training provided to clients to further comprehend the advisory services offered and workshops/seminars/ symposiums/forums. Following are some examples:-

1. Structured in-house training programs are tailor-made Shari`ah training courses developed to achieve the objectives set by clients. The training programs can be designed for various levels of knowledge: Beginner,  Intermediate and Advanced.

2. Specific training provided to clients to further comprehend the advisory services. This  is usually conducted after the completion of the advisory services. Our experienced training team will guide you through every step of the advisory services offered so as to ensure a smooth transition for our clients.

3. Workshops/seminars/symposiums/forums are conducted to address the latest contemporary issues and progress taking place in the Islamic finance arena. These programs are usually offered to the general public with the aim to address topical subjects in Islamic finance, encompassing issues relating to the regulatory, legal and Shari`ah domains, including corporate governance and standards. Through this platform, the audience is able to interact with one another and, most importantly, to interact with the panel of speakers comprised of regulators, renowned Shari`ah scholars, leading market players, researchers and members of standard-setting bodies.

ICSB successfully conducted following training programs:

1.  Applied Shari`ah in Islamic Finance (ASIF) – CIMB Bank

2. In-House Shari`ah Training Programme for Board of Directors (BOD) and Management Team – CIMB Niaga Indonesia

3. Shari`ah Values of Islamic Finance in Malaysia for Board of Directors (BOD) – Bank Rakyat

4. Intensive Training on Applied Shari`ah Research in Islamic Finance (I-TARIF) for Shari`ah Committees and Shari`ah Officers – Bank Rakyat

5. Shari’ah Islamic Values of Islamic Finance in Malaysia for Board of Directors (BOD) – AmBank

6. Islamic Banking Course Syllabus – ID Corp

7. Electronic Resources – Jami‘ al-Fiqh – Securities Commission (SC)

8. Recent Developments in the Capital Market – CAGAMAS Berhad

9. Sukuk: Corporate and Sovereign Sukuk – IFIs/Public

10. Masterclass: Stock Screening and Cleansing – IFIs/Public

11. Bank Negara Malaysia Shari’ah Standards – IFIs/Public/BNM/Bank Shari’ah Committees

12. Shari`ah Fatwas and Resolutions: Latest Updates – IFIs/Public/BNM/Bank Shari’ah Committees

13. Masterclass: Permissible Risk (Takaful) – IFIs/Public/BNM/Bank Shari’ah Committees

14. Qira’ah Nassiyyah (Fiqhi Textual Reading) – IFIs/Public/BNM/Bank Shari’ah Committees

15. Contemporary Issues in Islamic Banking and the Islamic Capital Market- IFIs/Public/BNM/Bank Shari’ah Committees

16. Shari’ah Review and Audit – IFIs/Public/BNM/Bank Shari’ah Committees